Stained Glass Windows

This past week (yes, I am behind in posting) at our storytime, we made a very cool project. The theme was in honor of Easer but the process and the outcome were all about the kids learning and exploring. We made stained glass windows.

The process is quite simple for such an elegant out come. You begin with an outline of a shape and then apply that shape to length of clear contact paper. Fill in the shape with precut (or torn) squares (or odd shapes) of colorful tissue paper. Apply the tissue paper to the open area on the contact paper. Cut a second length of contact paper and "laminate" the tissue covered shape. Trim to fit and Voila... you have a stained glass effect. Hang it in a window and get the effect of translucent art.

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Regina said...

This is great!! I will have to try this with my children. Thanks for sharing.