The School Room

(Lovingly refereed to in our home as the "Baby Playroom" (we have the older kid playroom down the hall) as you can tell it looks like any ordinary playroom; children learn where they play, don't they?)

These accommodations are only temporary. Baby EE still shares this room. Soon his sleeping quarters will be relocated.

We additionally, use the family room and the lanai daily.

The family room is outfitted with all the large motor skill activities; slide, swing, climbing blocks, riding cars, balls, bowling.
There are also the dramatic play props; play kitchen, baby doll strollers, highchair, playpen, swing, play shopping cart... etc. In a following post I will outline the other uses for our family room.

This room while not quite divide the way I wish, due to lack of space, is separated into:

A block area (tall cubbies and hanging basket on the left)
wood city blocks
mega blocks
large cardboard blocks in assorted color and sizes
pop 'ems
foam blocks in assorted colors and sizes

Manipulative's (tabletop toys) Area
matching toys
stringing toys (buttons, beads)
Mr. Potato Head and Friends

Puzzle Area (Located under TV)
I rotate these often and at any given time have 10-15 put away

Next set of bins contain many different things
Musical Instruments
Electronic "learning" toys
Homemade learning material (I will post pictures in another post)
Baby Dolls
Baby Doll Accessories

To the Right of the those bins is a large mirror
The Role Play Area
Basket below is filled with; play cameras, cell phones, sunglasses etc...
Also, in this area is a doctor kit and out of sight are the cleaning props

There is also a chalk-board-top table in the center of the room, which facilitates not only art but table top learning as well.

The reading nook is out of the camera's view. It has a "pod" chair with pillows and baskets surrounding it. The baskets are filled with a variety of books; board books, fabric books, touch and feel books, story books, etc. which are rotated weekly. Other baskets have puppets, stuffed animals and assorted story props.


Kate in NJ said...

Very nice, I'm going to have to post updated pics of our areas too..I keep forgetting.

Maddie, Mad Rambler said...

These accomodation are only temporary, we'll be rearranging some rooms in order to give the babies a schoolroom/ playroom.