The Dreaded "S" Word

Every homeschooler knows it, hears it and is badgered questioned about it... The Dreaded "S" word, say it with me S-O-C-I-A-L-I-Z-A-T-I-O-N.... It's not a dirty word and believe it or not homeschooled children do socialize, it just takes more of an effort and commitment of the parents' behalf. Homeschoolers socialize everyday with a variety of people, they socialize the way people are supposed to socialize. They socialize with the letter carriers, librarians, grocery store cashiers, neighbors, bank tellers....all those are obvious but what may not be obvious is the depth of their learning by socializing with others outside of their designated peer groups. Many homeschoolers realize the importance of, not only, exposing your children to other non-related children but also to a vast age range of children. There is nothing more beautiful and educational than to see a pre-teen "teaching" a kindergartner how to do something. There is something special about teaching a child empathy by exposure. It's amazing when a teenager will voluntarily pair themselves up with an elementary aged child to "work" on a project together. Granted these opportunities are usually only afforded to homeschoolers that find or create groups or participate in c-ops but they are out there. It's becoming the growing majority amongst the homeschool crowd.

I have been fortunate enough to have found a great group and knowing that we fit in nicely. This is a wonderful group, with plenty of planned activities and field trips to keep any homeschooled schedule busy beyond belief.

Last week we attended an Escape School Presentation where the children had the opportunity to hear about abduction situations and gave them the knowledge and tools to avoid and escape potentially dangerous situations. It was very educational and very informative for the children in a nonthreatening way.

Earlier this week when went on a fossil dig. The kids and parents (and there were many of both) were set free to dig and recover fossils at a near by mine. The kids discovered many treasures to take home and add to their collections.

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Kate in NJ said...

We have been trying to be better about being involved in our local group.

Maddie, Mad Rambler said...

I currently do it more for Axel, though Gabby really enjoys it but I think she would be just as happy with storytime and finding a friend at the park...