Outta' Sight

We have a large rolling island in our kitchen. Dear Frank outfitted the end with a collapsible table. We added a rod with a hanging basket and cup to rotate "materials" each week. The week this photo was taken we were using play-doh. The play-doh is inside the plastic box, the cookie cutters are also located within the basket and cutting, rolling instruments are located within the cup.
This idea has worked out well for us. It not only is at her height and lends itself to be used in a variety of ways; playing, working, eating, "cooking", etc... but it can be put away and stored out of sight when need be.

Also, a huge plus was the price. We did all this for less than $35... Thank you IKEA (my new favorite store)


Kate in NJ said...

Sweet! as the young folk say...;-)

Maddie, Mad Rambler said...

Nesscessity is the moher of invention, right?